Opt Out — An Open Letter to Meta

An Open Letter
6 min readJun 11, 2024


Forest fire in Jüterbog, Germany, on June 5, 2023. Photo: Ingmar Björn Nolting

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For more than a decade, Instagram has been a crucial tool for photojournalists distributing their work. They have reached millions from some of the most dangerous places in the world. Many have paid with their lives. They have also been crucial in the initial growth of the platform.

We are deeply troubled by Meta Platforms, Inc.’s plan to train their artificial intelligence (AI) models on photojournalistic content. In times of disinformation and misinformation, in a time where democracy is in decline and the common denominator of what is true and what is fake is eroding, it is more important than ever to have trustworthy sources. Meta’s announced AI policy further undermines that.

We ask Meta to reverse course on their plan to train their AI on Instagram without the option to opt out for most users. We further ask Meta to not use any journalistic or documentary photography and videography in their AI. It is not only a threat to our profession, but to democracy itself.

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Fotobus Society


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World Press Photo

Carmen Yasmine Abd Ali | Photographer

Ezra Acayan | Photojournalist

Sebastian Adam | Photographer

Heimo Aga | Photojournalist

Margaret Albaugh | Documentary Photographer

Diana Zeyneb Alhindawi | Photojournalist

Zoe Allington | Curator

Sitara Thalia Ambrosio | Photojournalist

Ludwig Ander-Donath | Documentary Photographer

Andrea Ariel | Filmmaker

Ali Arkady | Photojournalist

Blake Armstrong | Photographer

Matthieu Audiffret | Photojournalist

Christoph Bangert | Photojournalist

Mira Barrelmeyer | Journalist

Randy Beacham | Photographer

Richard Bednarski | Documentary Photographer

Peter Bialobrzeski | Photographer

Patrick Brown | Photographer

Lauren Brown | Curator

Brunner Ralf Brunner | Documentary Photographer

Friedrich Bungert | Photojournalist

Benigno Jose Carag | Documentary Photographer

Mary Carson | Journalist

Gianluca Cecere | Photojournalist

Alessandra Celauro | Photographer

Daniel Chatard | Documentary Photographer

Esteban Chevalier | Journalist

Andrea Chimenti | Photographer

Tatsiana Chypsanava | Documentary Photographer

Darryl Cobb | Photographer

Lukas Coch | Photojournalist

Rebecca Conway | Photojournalist

Tarquin Cooper | Journalist

Susan Corpuz | Photojournalist

Daniel J Cox | Photographer

Valentina Crosato | Photo Editor

Felipe Dana | Photojournalist

Michael Danner | Photographer

Suvra Kanti Das | Photojournalist

Carolina De aroca | Photo Editor

Finjo de Boer | Documentary Photographer

Giovanni de Mojana | Photographer

Kimberly dela Cruz | Photographer

Jeffrey Delfin | Photographer

Jonas Dengler | Photojournalist

Andrea DiCenzo | Photojournalist

Teodosia Dobriyanova | Videojournalist

Jimmy Domingo | Photojournalist

Emile Ducke | Documentary Photographer

Iona Dutz | Photographer

Karlis Dzjamko | Photojournalist

Rena Effendi | Documentary Photographer

Jake Eshelman | Documentary Photographer

Tim Evans | Documentary Photographer

Isabella Finholdt | Photojournalist

Mario Fourmy | Photojournalist

Mohini Gaillard | Photo Editor


Florian Generotzky | Photographer

Jura Germanyuk | Photographer

Tom Giesemann | Photographer

Franziska Gilli | Photographer

Raffaele Giovane | Curator

Andrea Gjestvang | Photographer

Jan Glatzel | Photographer

Jo Glinka | Documentary Photographer

David Goldman | Documentary Photographer

Thomas Grabka | Photojournalist

Matt Growcoot | Journalist

Leon Adam Haas | Documentary Photographer

Elian Hadj Hamdi | Documentary Photographer

Corine Hamel | Photo Editor

Linda Dawn Hammond | Photojournalist

Gergely Hando | Photographer

Ursula Häne | Photographer

Joe Harrison | Documentary Photographer

Nick Harwart | Photographer

Kiana Hayeri | Photojournalist

Beatrice Helpey | Filmmaker

Daniella Heminghaus | Photojournalist

Tizian Hempel | Photographer

Jonas Been Henriksen | Photojournalist

Rafael Heygster | Photojournalist

Addie Hockney | Documentary Photographer

Marcus Hoehn | Photojournalist

Daniel Hofer | Photographer

Stephanie Hostager | Photographer

Trella Howe | Photographer

Renae Hyland | Photographer

Sara Hylton | Photographer

Paul Ingram | Photojournalist

Jana Islinger | Documentary Photographer

Kayla Jackson | Journalist

Svet Jacqueline | Documentary Photographer

Julia Johanning | Photo Editor

Emma Jones | Photographer

Christian Jungeblodt | Photographer

Ludi Kaisi | Photojournalist

Marcin Karbowniczek | Photographer

Aliona Kardash | Documentary Photographer

Ed Kashi | Photojournalist

Anja Kellner | Photo Editor

Katharina Kemme | Documentary Photographer

Meike Kenn | Photographer

Karoline Kickler | Photographer

Pete Kiehart | Photojournalist

Bartosz Kleczek | Photographer

Gary Knight | Photojournalist

Timo Knorr | Documentary Photographer

Ina-Jasmin Kossatz | Photo Editor

Marco Kost | Photojournalist

Henning Kretschmer | Photographer

Christoph Kronseder | Photographer

Ksenia Kuleshova | Photojournalist

Axel Kunze | Photographer

Nabila Lalee | Journalist

Brianna Largent | Photographer

Steavie Lea | Photographer

Alexandra Lechner | Photographer

Steven Lee | Photographer

Louis Leeson | Photojournalist

Quirin Leppert | Photographer

Ned Levi | Photographer

Maya Levin | Photojournalist

Mauricio Lima | Documentary Photographer

Lars Lindemann | Curator

Alex Linder | Filmmaker

Manfred Linke | Photographer

Thomas Linkel | Photographer

Gonçalo Lobo Pinheiro | Photojournalist

Elena Lobova | Photographer

Kai Löffelbein | Photographer

Mitchell Loh | Photographer

Roberto Lopez | Photographer

Nora Lorek | Documentary Photographer

Adriana Loureiro | Photographer

Cristi Lungu | Photographer

Audrey M-G | Photojournalist

Elipe Mahé | Photographer

Maximilian Mann | Photojournalist

Omar Marques | Photojournalist

Catalina Martin-Chico | Documentary Photographer

Alice Martins | Photojournalist

Kevin McElvaney | Photojournalist

Mayita Mendez | Photographer

Omer Messinger | Photojournalist

Maja Metz | Photo Editor

Melanie Mier | Photographer

Jörg Modrow | Photographer

Jackie Molloy | Photojournalist

Mònica Mont | Photojournalist

Deo Montesclaros | Photojournalist

Tuul & Bruno Morandi | Photographer

Arnold Morascher | Photographer

Jessica Morfis | Photographer

Victor Moriyama | Documentary Photographer

Giorgio Morra | Photographer

Melina Mörsdorf | Photographer

Rosem Morton | Photojournalist

Lena Mucha | Photojournalist

Achim Multhaupt | Photographer

Amira Mutaher | Curator

saurabh narang | Photographer

Marge Nelk | Photographer

Tiedemann Niclas | Documentary Photographer

Stefan Nieland | Photographer

Ingmar Björn Nolting | Photojournalist

Paulo Nunes dos Santos | Photojournalist

Finbarr O’Reilly | Photojournalist

Andrew Chester Ong Ong | Photographer

Katie Orlinsky | Photographer

Lucy Owen Jones | Photographer

Sarah Pabst | Photojournalist

Alexander Pacuraru | Photographer

Stefanos Paikos | Documentary Photographer

Santi Palacios | Photojournalist

Sabine Pallaske | Photographer

Myrto Papadopoulos | Photographer

Jun Michael Park | Documentary Photographer

David Dare Parker | Photographer

Jean-Paul Pastor Guzmán | Photographer

Andreas Pein | Photographer

Martine Perret | Photographer

Thomas Pirot | Photographer

Clemens Porikys | Photographer

Gabriel Proedl | Journalist

Vinod Rai Sharma Rai | Photographer

Keith Ramsey | Photographer

Lucas Ranzuglia | Photographer

Ingo Rappers | Photographer

Ruggero Romano Reina | Photographer

Yvonne Reinartz | Photographer

Sofia Reis | Filmmaker

Svenja Reitz | Photo Editor

Juan Diego Reyes | Documentary Photographer

Alinne Rezende | Photojournalist

Annette Karin Richards | Documentary Photographer

Till Rimmele | Photo Editor

Federico Rios | Photojournalist

Pete Rosos | Photojournalist

Laura Ross | Photographer

Stefania Rousselle | Journalist

Niall Ruddy | Photographer

Hart Sammy | Photographer

Mateusz Sarello | Documentary Photographer

Jan Scheunert | Photojournalist

Elisabeth Schindler | Photojournalist

Oskar Schlechter | Documentary Photographer

Roland Schmid | Photojournalist

Brita Schmidt | Photographer

Sarah Schneider | Documentary Photographer

Jürgen Schrader | Photographer

Bradley Secker | Photojournalist

Fernando Sepe | Photojournalist

Robert Serbinenko | Documentary Photographer

Smita Sharma | Photojournalist

Robbie Shone | Photographer

Laila Sieber | Journalist

Steve Simon | Documentary Photographer

Seth Simonyi-Gindele | Photographer

Utkarsh Singh | Documentary Photographer

Leonhard Sinon | Photojournalist

Anders Rye Skjoldjensen | Photojournalist

Nichole Sobecki | Documentary Photographer

Philipp Spalek | Photojournalist

Kathy Stanford | Photojournalist

Sandra Steh | Photographer

Berthold Steinhilber | Photographer

Carlotta Steinkamp | Photojournalist

Florian Sulzer | Documentary Photographer

Maria Svidryk | Photographer

Hilary Swift | Photojournalist

Stephen Swofford | Photojournalist

Dermot Tatlow | Photographer

Bettina Theuerkauf | Photographer

Marie-Kristin Thiele | Photo Editor

Laura Tinnel | Photographer

Patrick Tombola | Filmmaker

Vinh Tran | Photographer

Murat Tueremis | Photographer

Gael Turine | Documentary Photographer

Manolo Ty | Photographer

Jens Umbach | Photographer

Hannah-Kathryn Valles | Photojournalist

Tomas van Houtryve | Documentary Photographer

Laetitia Vançon | Photographer

Josefien Vandenborre | Photographer

Marisa Vanschuyver | Photographer

Manuek Vazquez | Photographer

Sarah Venning | Photographer

Stefan Volk | Documentary Photographer

Nura Vormann | Photojournalist

Hel Wagner | Documentary Photographer

James Wellford | Photo Editor

Chiara Wettmann | Documentary Photographer

Jule Wild | Photographer

Chloe Wilder | Photographer

Jesse Winter | Photojournalist

Nadja Wohlleben | Documentary Photographer

Kiliii Yuyan | Documentary Photographer

Daniella Zalcman | Photojournalist

Ewa Zasada | Curator

Adriana Zehbrauskas | Photojournalist

Anna Ziegler | Photographer



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